Stained glass glazing of facades

Stained glass glazing of facades

The production of stained-glass windows using the most advanced technologies is a set of works using translucent structures, with their filling. Stained glass glazing from a single glass cloth allows you to create from it a variety of shapes and sizes for a wide range of applications. In addition, there is a unique opportunity to creatively use a large number of ways to create your own style in making architectural decisions.

Using a rack-mount and crossbar system in a stained-glass window device, it is possible in a short time:

  • to glaze the entire facade surface of the building or part of it;
  • to make the building a direct, radius or curvilinear design, fastening of aluminum stained-glass windows;
  • complement the facade with a canopy, balcony, entrance complex or revolving door.

The frame of the rack-mount and crossbar system consists of horizontal crossbars and vertical posts. In practice, there are the following options for this system:

  • classic
  • structural;
  • semi-structural.

When ordering a range of services for the design and installation of stained-glass windows made of aluminum profiles in Tashkent, during the order period, we make a full range of calculations of technical indicators in accordance with all standards specific to the location of the district and the location of the object itself, where it is planned to install these glazing systems.

                      Advantages of aluminum stained glass facade:

• Elegant and respectable appearance of the building

• High light transmission, energy saving

• Visual expansion of indoor space

• Additional building ventilation

• Designs of any shape and color

• Reliable and practical design

• Tightness of a design

• Comfort of people indoors with natural light

• Durability: service life more than 50 years

• Glazing of facades of a large area

• Possibility of quick installation in any season

• High degree of fire safety

• High resistance to freezing


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