Consumer loan
A consumer loan is a loan provided to individuals who have income from the results of their activities in order to satisfy their needs for the purchase of goods (services) produced only in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Consumer loans are issued at 100 percent of the amount of goods or services purchased. The object of a consumer loan can be goods (works, services) produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, intended for the consumer needs of an individual. Consumer loans are issued by transferring to the bank account of the organization of the manufacturer or seller based on the solvency of the borrower in the amount of up to 300 times the size of the current minimum wage. The issuance of financial consumer loans and their repayment is carried out in national currency - “soum”

You can purchase Imzo products by means of a consumer loan through any bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan providing the “consumer lending” service.

The procedure for obtaining a loan

Conclude an agreement on the purchase of goods / services with the nearest showroom, and also ask for copies of certificates and licenses.
Get a loan at any bank convenient for you, after collecting all the necessary documents.
Bring a loan agreement to the showroom and arrange a convenient installation time.

Required documents

1. Original of your passport
2. Income statement for the last 12 months, indicating all deductions, position, period (duration) of work in this organization, employer TIN.
3. Copy of TIN
4. Original INPS book with the last date of enrollment
5. Certificate of residence, indicating all family members
6. The contract for the purchase of goods / services, copies of certificates and licenses (in any official Imzo showroom).

Important! Each bank has its own conditions for obtaining consumer loans and its interest rates. Some of them can be found below:

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