Panoramic glazing

Panoramic glazing

Панорамное остекление в ТашкентеPanoramic glazing is the best choice of facade design, allowing you to create an almost completely transparent wall and emphasize the elitism of the building. The range of application of this technology covers all types of modern buildings. Window structures are installed in multi-story residential complexes, private houses, as well as in administrative and commercial buildings. Presentability and practicality - these are the main reasons to order panoramic glazing, the price of the service depends on the type of system and the amount of work.

The technical characteristics of these window structures are not inferior to the classic design of the exterior walls. Materials for facade glazing have excellent light transmission, while providing protection from UV rays and minimal heat loss. The system is characterized by increased strength due to the use of a proven aluminum profile and special glass processing. Before installation, it goes through several stages of preparation.

The Imzo-fabric company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of panoramic glazing in Tashkent, regardless of the height of the building and the complexity of the desired structure. To get advice, develop a new project and calculate the cost, it is enough to contact the manager of the company.                                                                   

Панорамное остекление в Ташкенте

Advantages of panoramic glazing:

  • Elegant and respectable appearance
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Visual expansion of indoor space
  • Leakproof design
  • Reliable and practical design
  • Comfort people indoors with natural light
  • The effect of a monolithic glass wall
  • Durability: service life more than 50 years



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