Translucent roof

Translucent roof

In modern architecture, the glass roof of the house is often found among city buildings; it stands out favorably and spectacularly against the gray and sometimes boring background of the metropolis. Of course, using the installation of a translucent roof, you can make prestigious, spectacular atriums in one or several floors, which will be distinguished by high light transmission.

The company "Imzo-fabric" produces roof glazing, carried out in a variety of options on the buildings of offices and business centers. We will design your roof according to your individual order: from a standard single-pitched, to a spherical and multi-pitched form. It is possible to erect a glass dome, a pyramidal roof and an arched glass roof.

We guarantee that the entire translucent roof glazing structure, based on the aluminum profile, will have the highest tensile strength.

Advantages of translucent roofs:

• High light transmission, reducing energy costs

• Aesthetic appearance

• Reliable protection against dust, moisture and wind

• Increase in the level of natural illumination by 40-50% in comparison with ordinary windows

• Protection of internal premises from UF radiation and atmospheric precipitation

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