Mosquito nets in Tashkent

Mosquito nets in Tashkent

Mosquito nets are indispensable in a modern house. Despite the perfection of the technique, fresh air and regular ventilation of the premises are necessary. And mosquitoes and other insects that enter the house through open windows can cause discomfort to residents and frighten children. Our small mesh nets effectively protect against insects, but at the same time let air through. Forget about bites and itching - enjoy the evening coolness, saturate the house with oxygen and refresh the premises.

Frame mesh

A popular design that is mounted on the outside of the frames. Very easy to remove and reinstall without any help..



A mesh door that opens and closes easily. If necessary, it can be removed in a few minutes.


Intraframe meshes

Lightweight mesh, which is placed inside the frame and attached to the seal with special rotary mechanisms.



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