Translucent structures

Translucent structures

Installation of translucent facades, as a rule, requires the performance of work by professionals, in some cases it is carried out at high altitude and in difficult conditions.

Installation of translucent structures involves the observance of successive stages:

• dismantling of the old translucent structure (in case of reconstruction, or replacement of existing glazing);

• measuring the size of the window opening with plumb lines and levels (surveying);

• drilling of mounting holes for special fasteners;

• installation of front glazing, new;

• ensuring the tightness of joints;

• installation of window sills, slopes and ebbs for water;

• adjustment of fittings.

The skill of experienced professionals and technical capabilities allow the installation of translucent aluminum structures, regardless of weather conditions. At low temperatures, installers use frost-resistant materials and special technologies. Installation is of great importance for the subsequent operation of translucent structures. Only in compliance with all technological requirements, the consumer can count on the fact that the design will serve the declared operational life of the manufacturer.

We have accumulated rich experience in installing translucent structures for various purposes. The company's specialists are well versed in the nuances of installing systems of various types, have everything necessary for high-quality installation of equipment and tools. We work only on the basis of a competent project, which includes a set of necessary studies and calculations.

Светопрозрачные конструкции в Ташкенте


The building envelope should be as reliable, safe and functional as possible. Only with qualified installation of the facade glazing system can meet all these requirements. We guarantee the highest quality of installation of translucent structures, regardless of their complexity and volume. We carry out orders for the installation of warm and cold, frame and frameless, solid, panoramic and other types of facade glazing.


The roof of the building and its elements is an area of ​​increased responsibility, especially when it comes to the installation of glazing systems. Installation of a translucent roof is carried out by specialists of the imzo-fabrik company on flat, single and gable roofs with any coating material. In our work we use professional high-quality sealants, fasteners and sealing elements, which is especially important for the roof. Experienced industrial climbers with all the necessary approvals are involved in roofing work.


Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of different systems to implement the most complex tasks. According to the type of profile used, window-door systems are divided primarily into cold and warm. Structures can also be classified by type of opening, material of translucent filling, refractory properties, and a number of other parameters. Whatever type of window-door systems you choose, our experts will ensure high-quality and quick installation of structures at any objects, including high-rise, especially dangerous and technically complex ones.

Остекление зимних садов в Ташкенте


When mounting structures, both cold and warm aluminum profiles can be used - depending on the functional purpose of the entrance group. One of the most important steps is the installation of door systems. It can be oar, sliding or rotating structures with a mechanical or automatic type of opening. The qualification of our masters allows them to carry out the installation of any type of entrance groups.


The assembly of the frame of winter gardens is carried out using reliable aluminum profiles. Installation is done element by element, which becomes possible due to the installation of special racks that compensate for thermal expansion. Glass installation is carried out from the outside: fixing of elements is carried out using elastomeric gaskets and clamping strips. The use of decorative covers allows you to give the design the most attractive appearance.

As an additional service, specialists of the company "imzo-fabric" can carry out the installation of internal translucent structures - partitions.


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